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Deciding to apply for disability is not an easy one.  Many of our PAH friends are at the peak of their earning years when they receive their diagnosis.  Many are too ill to work and find themselves facing a very different emotional and economic future than they had planned. 

Depending on your wage history, disability payments can help, but they cannot take the place of real wages.  Luckily, there are a number of resources that can help you make the decision.

The comprehensive Federal website of disability-related government resources.

Social Security Online
This is the website of the U.S. Social Security Administration. You can get information about your benefits and personal earnings. This site contains a direct link to all of the Administration's social security disability information including a downloadable Social Security Handbook. This is an essential site for your disability financial needs in the United States.

Social Security Online, Benefits For Children with disabilities
This website contains information from the U.S. Social Security Administration regarding children with disabilities and adults disabled since childhood.

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Social Security Claims—Making Your Efforts Count
Have you been trying to navigate the social security system? Perhaps you're thinking about applying for disability but you're not sure how to proceed? We have someone who can help. Alan Harder worked for SS agency for decades before retiring to spend more time with his wife in 2006 and he's joined the PHC team. Alan has offered to write a series of articles addressing issues related to Social Security and Disability. You'll find the first installment here.

Social Security Claims—What's in YOUR file?
Social Security disability decisions have an air of mystery about them, don't they? Especially when claims are denied, the first question is: "How could they possibly turn me down?"

The answer will become more clear if you look at the records SSA relied on to decide your claim. You have a right to view this information, and getting it is easier than you might think.

Social Security Q & A

Financial Decisions
How to Deal with Financial Hardship and Your Health Care Providers
by Alan B. Simons, CPA/ABV, DABFA

My Nightmare and PH
By Merle Reeseman
If you think the healthcare system in the U.S. is broken, Merle's story will reinforce your view. Merle found herself underinsured after her husband's early retirement. It changed her life in ways you cannot imagine.

Navigating the Benefits Maze
Rick Perry, of A.C.C.E.S.S., Discusses "Navigating The Benefits Maze" with DelVal Support Group
Reported by Kathryn Buck - PHCentral Editor

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