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PHCentral Fireside is an exclusive message board / email service for pulmonary hypertension patients, their families and  friends.  You must meet certain criteria to participate and you must agree to follow the board rules as part of the registration process.  Any personal information you provide to us as part of your registration will be confidential; it will not be shared with outsiders.

This board offers all users two options: login to use the resource as a message board or receive posts and updates via email.   We will provide you with a login and you must log in to read posts at any time you choose.  Or you may choose to receive posts via email.  The choice is yours and you may change this option at any time.

Keep in mind that by posting or replying to a post, your response will be sent to and potentially read by hundreds of individuals.  If you want to send a private message, you will click instead on the writer’s personal email address if a user has chosen to provide it through account options.

PHFriends is a moderated message board offered for patients and family members to foster friendships with people around the world, promote discussions about living with pulmonary hypertension and to provide a safe place to share personal experiences.  Our moderators – made up of volunteers who are ph patients or family members of patients themselves - are responsible for insuring board rules are followed (see board rules below).  The volunteer moderator on duty will review posts as time permits on a daily basis and may intervene on occasion to remind users of the board rules.
This board is NOT to be regarded as a medical resource.  .  Advice and opinions offered by individuals using this board are not to be confused with medical advice from a qualified professional.

Board Rules

  • No marketing or selling of products or services is allowed.
  • No posts containing obscene, vulgar, harassing, hateful, threatening, profane, inflammatory or derogatory words or sentiments are allowed.
  • No discussions about religion and/or politics is allowed.
  • Copyrighted material not owned by the poster is not allowed. If you cut and paste from another site, you must also provide details about the origin of the data.
  • Any authoritative claims made on this board must be sourced.
  • Since this message board is open to PH patients and family members of patients only, you must assume users are not medical professionals unless they identify themselves as such.
  • In sharing information, medical opinions should not be cloaked as medical facts. If you are NOT a medical professional, limit your remarks to opinion and suggestion. If you cite a medical authority, you must also identify the data source.
  • (Note to Medical Professionals: if you are a PH patient or family member of a patient and ALSO a medical professional, you must identify yourself by your full name, give your title(s) and provide details about your medical affiliations (i.e. hospitals or clinics where you provide care).
  • PHCentral reserves the right to remove posts without notice if the moderator on duty deems the post(s) to be inappropriate, argumentative or breaks any of the rules outlined here. Repeat offenders may be disallowed from further participation in this forum at the discretion of the administrator.
  • Because this board is private (open to patients and family only), we ask that you respect others privacy concerns.  Do not, for example, forward posts you find on this board or copy message text to pass along elsewhere.
  • Users understand they participate on this board at their own risk. Users are cautioned to protect their privacy and that of others in posting on this or any other site. All content posted by a user is the sole responsibility of the user, not PHCentral.
  • Users may notify the board moderator - contact/moderator+phcentral+org - to review a post if that post seems inappropriate or breaks any of the board rules. The post will be reviewed and action taken at the discretion of the moderator on duty.
  •  To minimize the possibility of passing along bad or inappropriate links, viruses or Trojan horses, all posts containing links will be reviewed by a moderator.  If it is deemed  safe and appropriate to pass along, your post will be released for general viewing.  If it is not a safe link, your post will be deleted.

Cookies must be turned on in your browser to login as a board user. Cookies are used here to hold your username and password and viewing options, allowing you to login.

Please help us keep this board a friendly, respectful place for all users by agreeing to and following these rules.
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