Edititing Your User Profile

To edit your user profile, click on the "Profile" link on the top right of your screen.  The profile sidebar will open and you will see your avatar (image), User Name, Full Name, Nickname, Email, and Alt. Email settings.  There are two tabs, dividing your account details into "Profile Info" and "Settings".  Click the tab name to switch to that tab.  Below each tab are settings related to how the board works.  Each field is explained below.  Note that you must click on "Save" if you change any of these options.  When you are done editing your profile settings, simply click the "Profile" link at the top of the screen again, and the profile will collapse (be hidden).
Your Avatar is the image that shows up next to your messages on the board.  Click on the image to change your avatar.  You may choose from a selection of images you have previously uploaded to the server, or upload a new image from your PC by clicking the "Upload from your PC" button in the Avatar dialog.
User Name
Your User Name shows up just to the right of your avatar.  This is your login name, and it is not editable.

Profile Info Tab:

Full Name
Your Full name shows up when you send a message to the board, so people know who the message is from.  However, if you set a Nickname, the nickname will be shown instead of your Full name.
(Optional).  If you specify a nickname, it will be shown next to messages you post on the board.
(Required). The first email address field is your primary address, which is where messages pertaining to the board will be sent if you are subscribed to the board.  Also,  when you send a message to the board via email, the system will only allow messages from the email address you specify either in the main email address field or the Alternate email address field.  
Alt. Email
(Optional). If you sometimes send messages to the list from more than one email account, you can add an address in this field.  The system will accept messages to the board via an address specified here.
City/Town, State/Province, Country:
(Optional). Information about where you live
(Optional). Information about what you like to do
Home page, Facebook URL:
(Optional). Addresses of your websites

Settings Tab:

Show Email on Boards
If you set this option to "No", then when you send messages to the board, it will only show your name, not your email address.  Also when people view your profile, they will not see your email address.
Auto-Open Topics
When this option to "Yes," all messages will be shown in full when you view the board web site. When the option is set to "No," only the subject lines will be shown. To view the full message, simply click the subject line and the message content will appear.
Mailing List Format
When this option to "Digest," you will receive only one email per day, summarizing the day's emails.  If you have it set to "Regular," you will receive an email every time someone sends a message to the board (if you are subscribed).
Spell Checker
When this option to "On," the message editor will find incorrectly spelled words in your posts. Turn this setting to "Off" if you find the page takes too long to load, since this setting is quite processor-intensive.
Email Private Messages
When this option to "Yes," all private messages you receive will be emailed to you.  If set to "No," your private messages can still be viewed online but you will not receive an email notification about them.
My Mailing Lists
To receive board posts via email, check the box next to the name of the board you wish to receive via email and press the "Update" button below that.  If you choose notification by email, you will still be able to login to the board if you wish.
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