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Moderator Duties:  (scroll down to read)

*  Knowing the board rules and criteria for membership

*  Knowing board features

*  Signing in for mod duty

*  Processing new applications

*  Welcoming new members to the board

*  Application Status

*  Possible conflicts

*  Monitoring board topics to ensure civil, polite discussions

*  Approving or deleting unapproved messages (unauthorized links)

*  Unscrambling threads containing multiple topics as applicable

Signing in for mod duty

Log in to the board (
Click the "Sign in" button
Note: Once you have signed in, you will receive notifications of new applications and unapproved messages.

Processing new applications

When you receive an email advising you of a new application, follow the link to the board.
Review the application. Note: This board is open to patients, family and caregivers. We do not accept medical professionals or people who think they may have PH, but have no firm diagnosis. Once you have decided on a course of action, choose the appropriate Mod Action, either to accept, reject or request more info. You will find these choices at the bottom of the application.
Approvals: If you accept the app, and choose Approve, you will be taken to a Create New Member screen. Some of the info will be filled in for you. You must at a minimum create a password for this user. Note: If you get a message that this person may already be a registered user (the program checks for the email address), go back to the application and choose the custom message option; you may compose a letter here giving the user the existing login details. If the user has no conflict, continue through to the approval letter. The letter will appear (this is a template set up to auto fill with all details). You may edit this letter if you wish or send it as is.

Rejections: If the applicant does not meet board criteria for membership, you will choose to send them a rejection letter. You may edit this letter if you wish or send it as is.

Request More Info: If an applicant has not answered all questions to your satisfaction, you may request additional information. You may edit this letter if you wish or send it as is..

Other: If you need to send a purely customized latter for any reason, choose this option.
Welcoming new members to PHFriends

Welcoming New Members

Please take a minute to create a post welcoming the new member. If it seems appropriate, tell members a little bit about the new member. Encourage them to ask questions etc.

Application Status

If you accept or reject an application, the application will be listed as a processed application. If you request more information or write a custom letter, the application will show as pending. At any given time an application will be new, processed or pending.

Possible Conflicts

On very rare occasions - say, when you receive an application for someone who is an existing member of the board - you may DELETE an application. Keeping in mind there is NO UN-DO, procedd with caution.
Monitoring board topics to ensure civil, polite discussions

Monitoring Board Topics

Once in a great while, a topic may get a bit heated or disrespectful or opinions may be offered as medical advice. Please step in to calm things down if you feel people are behaving badly. Most of the time, things will calm down quickly without intervention and we don't want members to feel they cannot express themselves freely, but we want the board to be helpful, polite and informative so on rare occasions, intervention may be needed.

Approving or deleting unapproved messages (unauthorized links)

This board is programmed to sideline any messages containing links other than links to PHCentral. This is to stop "bad" links from being sent en masse to our members which was a huge problem on our old board. Since selling and promoting products or services on the board is also prohibited, messages containing sales pitches which usually also involve a link, will be sidelined as well. You may release or delete these messages at your discretion.

Unscrambling threads containing multiple topics as applicable

When someone switches topics in the course of a board conversation, topics get buried under the wrong subject. Email recipients have no problem because each email is unique, but people who login to the board to read may have a more difficult time following a topic. For this reason we have given moderators the ability to take a comment, turn it into a new topic and then move comments associated with the new topic to that redefined post.

If you wish to make a comment a New Topic, go to the topic and choose the option Create To New Topic. Then go to each of the comments you wish to move under that new topic by choosing Move Comment. Do this for each of the comments you wish to move.

Board Rules

You will find Board Rules on the navigation bar within Fireside.

Board Features

Search for an existing member: (All users)
Go to the appropriate list: mod, phfriends, staff.
Click on Members.
Enter your arguement in the Search box.
Click Go.

The Task list: (access limited)
Most of the mods do not have access to the Task list. This is to minimize the flow of messages you will get through your email. If you encounter a bug or a problem on the board with how something works, please let us know and we will open up a task for our webmaster to handle. If you don't tell us what's wrong, we'll never know so please do pass along any problems you encounter.

Private Messages: (All users)
If you go to any of the member lists under the various boards and open up one of the member records, you will see a box at the bottom of the record to Send Message. This feature is available to all members. This allows for private messages to flow between members even if one or both decide not to publish their email addresse as part of their member record.

Search the Board: (All users)
The search capability from the navigation bar allows users to search for key words through all posts on a given board.

View Applications: (Mods only)
A copy of applications is kept here.

Form Letters: (access limited)
The default letters - templates of default letters used in the application process - are filed here.  If you think one or more need a rewrite, please let us know.

Application Correspondence: (Mods only)
Copies of default (and custom) letters sent to applicants are filed here.


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