Often overlooked during diagnosing and treating a disease such as pulmonary hypertension or any other serious illness, is the emotional toll it can take on the patient and the family. Most of us started on this journey feeling very isolated and possibly even misunderstood by our friends and family. Thankfully, the web is an excellent resource for gathering medical information on treatment options and promising research, but there is very little on most websites addressing the emotional side of living with a serious, chronic disease.

PHCentral, a non-profit registered 501c3, was founded by PH patients and their families to address the need for community as well as to inform and provide assistance where possible. 

Over the years, we’ve expanded the site to include many new areas – including some just for fun – to assist patients living day-to-day with pulmonary hypertension and to celebrate their families, friends and special talents.

We welcome you here and hope you will find value in what we provide. We’re always looking for ways to improve the site, so please do share your thoughts with us. And if you reach out, please know we will respond.


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