Portable Oxygen Concentrators

With the population in the U.S. aging and the increase in breathing-related conditions, more and more portable oxygen concentrators are being introduced.  If you’re a traveler, you may consider purchasing or renting one of these systems but before you dive in, do your homework. 

The units are costly and they are not covered by most insurance plans.  You also need to know that they differ greatly in size, weight, features and reliability.so before you buy one, you will surely want to talk to many people and if possible, to test out the machine before you plunk down your cash.  Talk to your durable medical equipment (oxygen) provider about renting one through them first.  Since you are an established customer, they should offer you a better deal than a supplier you may find online.  Some providers loan POC systems out to their oxygen patients at no extra cost or a small fee.

The list below contains all of the portable oxygen concentrators approved by the FAA for use on flights as of January 6, 2010.   As new models are produced, this list should continue to grow.  You will find links to the websites for each model so that you can compare features, availability and price.

Manufacturer System Name
Sequel Technology Eclipse
Respironics, Inc. EverGo
Invacare Corporation Expo2
Inogen, Inc. Imogen One
Inogen, Inc. Imogen One G2

Airsep Corporation


Airsep Corporation


Delphi Medical Systems


DiVilbiss Healthcare System

International Biophysics Corp Life Choice
OxLife LLC OxLife Independence Oxygen System


Other useful information

Portable Oxygen.org


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