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Welcome to Creative Corner

Welcome to PHCentral Creative Corner where our PAH friends are welcome and encouraged to showcase their arts and crafts. We hope many of you will send in examples of your works along with a few paragraphs for the enjoyment of all. Perhaps your art or craft will provide just the encouragement another needs to get started too or at the very least, be a catalyst for forming new friendships between people with similar interests. If you believe there is more to life than doctor's visits and reading echo results in your spare time, this section is for you.

We hope you will take the plunge; send us a request and we'll give you a login to the section where you can enter your bio and upload your photos.



Alex Flipse

Richard Malone

Elizabeth Bosarge

Fern Engle

Jill Kronenberg

Kathryn Levitt

Patti Marzano

Mary Meeker

Jane Moran

Doris Reichard

Nancy Stearns

June Taylor

Linda Washburn

Annie Whitaker

Karen Jo Whittlesey

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