Random Thoughts

By Tom Mcleod

Random Thoughts
by Tom McLeod

How did the world change on me Where is the smile that should be How can I be happy when death is so close My world is crashing for the son I love most His disease is moving He doesn't deserve this fate No matter how hard I try I can't hold back the rate I hold him in my arms I choke back the tears I try to help him calm his fears How much time I have I don't really know But when that day comes it will be a savage blow My son is worried about the sadness in me I try to hide it but it's there to see Spare thoughts are my enemy He's too young to die Spare thoughts are my enemy And I begin to cry 
About the author: Tom McLeod, originally from Canada, and his 17-year-old son, currently reside in Aukland, New Zealand. Mr. McLeod wrote to PHCentral recently to thank us for our great site and to share a poem he wrote five years ago when his son was first diagnosed with PH. He wrote to us on the fifth anniversary of that diagnosis.


Tom tells us "My son Daren got his PH from a hole in the heart." He also told us that few medications for PH are currently funded in NZ making it a big problem for those with this disease. But the good news is that Tom's son is alive and well five years later and back playing soccer (goalie).


Mr. McLeod would welcome your feedback and comments. You may write to him directly by clicking here.

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