Israeli PH Association Conference

The Israeli PH Association

The Israeli PH association was founded by PH patients, for PH patients. As people living with PH we know our selves to be much more than our illness and the cost of our medical care.

We recognize the importance of the support we give to each other. We realize that it is our responsibility to start the process of change in our society and we understand that in order to strengthen our selves we need to strengthen the support systems around us.

We define our selves as valuable members of our community and through education and awareness are teaching our community to view us as such.

On Thursday the 21st of June, 2001, we held our first national conference. This was our first opportunity to physically break the barrier of loneliness and unit.

To contact the association:
Tel - 972-52-421-045
Fax - 972-9-958-1226

From the first Israel PH Association Conference

"Looking back at the conference I feel it was one of the most wonderful events in my life. There was an amazing atmosphere of love and support."

The conference was attended by: patients, family members, doctors, nurses and representatives of
pharmaceutical companies.

People arrived from all over Israel — Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Haifa, Kibbutz Degania …

The agenda included elections for the board, presentation of the association's goals and a lecture by
Professor M. Kramer on the topic of: Current Treatments for Pulmonary Hypertension.

During recess it was wonderful to see how people started reaching to one another, introducing themselves,
offering support and kind words of advice.

We all ended the evening feeling less alone and very hopeful and optimistic about the future, our selves and
our new association.

Hana Ben-Artzi and Ilana Blumenfeld, mothers of PH patients, sitting at the reception desk

Remembering the ones we've lost during the past 2 years.

Opening greetings by Shiri Padmore.

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