The Hill, a poem

By Jode Cox (Email: contact/jode+joderae+com)

The road keeps getting longer

the farther that I walk

A head wind seems to push me back

I don’t have the breath to talk


My lungs they burn, my heart it pounds

My throat is getting dry

I see a looming hill ahead

And now I want to cry


To you this hill may seem small

To me it is a mountain

I don’t want to ask you for help

I keep going as fast as I can

I slow with every footstep

Until I have to stop

I find a way to busy my self

To pretend there is nothing wrong



To admit this trouble to you

Is to admit it to myself

I don’t want to ask of others

I want to do this myself

I feel this is all my fault

If only I could heal

The shame I feel at every gasp

This journey has become too real


If only I was stronger

This disease I could have fought

It silently crept up to me

The illness I don’t want


Each day I am able to do less

No matter how hard I try

For now I can only do my best

You don’t even understand why

I used to run and jump and play

Nothing too hard to do

Now the smallest task I take

I must ask for help from you


You think I don’t see the resentment

The bitterness in your face

You think I chose to be sick

To give up on my life in this place


This hill is not enormous

The one you gave to me

I will make it to the top

I will do it just for me


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