Financial Issues

When patients are diagnosed with a chronic illness, they are faced with dealing with insurers, medical institutions, payment for expensive therapies, qualifying for disability and social security benefits, estate planning, etc.

Social Security Claims—Making Your Efforts Count
Have you been trying to navigate the social security system? Perhaps you're thinking about applying for disability but you're not sure how to proceed? We have someone who can help. Alan Harder worked for SS agency for decades before retiring to spend more time with his wife in 2006 and he's joined the PHC team.

Social Security Claims—What's in YOUR file?
Social Security disability decisions have an air of mystery about them, don't they? Especially when claims are denied, the first question is: "How could they possibly turn me down?"

The answer will become more clear if you look at the records SSA relied on to decide your claim. You have a right to view this information, and getting it is easier than you might think.

Alphabet Soup Spelled Out—(Where Your Disability Claim Goes After it's Filed.)
If you've been talking to folks at your local social security office, you might easily get confused.  As it turns out, they have their own special vocabulary.  If you want to crack the code, you'll want to read Alan Harder's article - the third in a series - on demystifying the Social Security System.

Work and Social Security: (Yes! You Can!)
If you are thinking about returning to your old job or tackling some other employment, you'll want to read this article.

How to Deal with Financial Hardship and Your Health Care Providers
article by Alan B. Simons, CPA/ABV, DAB

Links to financial resources on the internet

Books regarding financial concerns facing patients with chronic conditions

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Action Central: Financial Topics and Insurance Matters!

The choices you make and the actions you take surrounding your health—insurance decisions, selecting your physician, your willingness to become an informed and engaged healthcare consumer—can make a vast difference in your quality of life. We encourage you all to know your options, make thoughtful informed choices, and take a proactive role in obtaining quality healthcare for yourself and others as well. You'll find information and support here to help you take charge of this new chapter in your life.


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