Insurance Matters

There is no such thing as being over insured. If you can afford the best medical plan you have available to you, buy it. We have all heard stories about people who were caught off guard and paid dearly for it. (Read Merle's Story Here).

Few of us actually read our policies and many may not be aware of benefit caps, deductibles and caveats within the policies that deny coverage under some circumstances.  If you don't have the time or the inclination to dig too deeply on your own, a phone call to your insurance provider might be a good way to begin.  Make a list of questions beforehand and ask about coverage.

We have compiled a list of useful resources you will want to check out if you have questions about private or government medical plans. If you or your spouse are contemplating a change in employment, filing for disability, retiring from your job or any other event that may affect your insurance coverage, you'll want to plan ahead.

Health Insurance Basics

The links below will take you to websites of non-profit organizations with content aimed at educating Americans about their health insurance choices.


Government Sponsored Health Plans

The Department of Labor site contains a wealth of consumer information on health plans of all kinds including COBRA insurance which as many know provides short-term insurance coverage after a job termination. You'll find helpful discussions and compliance information along with links to frequently asked questions and help desks.


Other useful sites include:


Action Central

We also have two very knowledgeable staff members assigned to the PHCentral Action Desk.  If you have questions about Insurance, Legislation affecting you, Disability and/or Social Security in the U.S.A., you'll want to visit this page to read the FAQs.  There is also an email link so that you can get information about your unique situation from one of our experts.

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