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If you need to contact someone here at PHCentral, please see the About PHC page. It includes profiles on our staff members as well as our mailing address and email contact information for different sections of PHCentral.

Are you looking for the page that lets you log in to PHFriends? You can find that listed in the Talk section of the menu, or just click here.

Do you need to contact the moderators of the PHFriends or other email lists? Contact the PHFriends moderators by email. For help with PHFriends, please see our PHFriends Help page.

If you have stopped receiving the PHFriends posts in email, please contact a moderator for help in starting the mail again.  If you have forgotten your login name or password, or need help logging in, please contact a moderator.

If you have a PH Diary and you have forgotten the URL for the login page, click here.

If you have forgotten the login name or password for your diary, use the Forgot Your Password? feature on the login page to gain access.



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