Welcome to your PH communications hub. We have several systems for giving people around the world the opportunity to talk to one another.

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PHCentral Fireside:
Fireside combines the features of a bulletin board, an email list, and a chat room. Anyone who registers with PHCentral Fireside adds their name to hundreds of other PH patients, families and friends. Fireside members wanting to communicate with the other members of Fireside need only to send an email to that address. Everyone subscribed to the board will get the message. PHC Fireside allows people to read and post messages to a bulletin board, but it also allows for the convenience of having messages from the bulletin board delivered to you by email.
Click here to Register, or here to log in if you are already registered for Fireside. If you need help with Fireside, please read the Fireside Help.

You are encouraged to review the Netiquette guidelines for using PHFriends.

Contact the PHFriends moderators

If you have stopped receiving the PHFriends posts in email, please contact a moderator for help in starting the mail again.  If you have forgotten your login name or password, or need help logging in, please contact a moderator.

PAH Online Support Group Chat: Chats allow live, interactive typed conversations between two or more participants. Enter the PHCentral Chat room and talk live to other members of the PH Community. Check the schedule of organized chat sessions for this week. You must be a member of Fireside to participate in the chats.

Poll Archive: PHCentral conducts polls to gain insight into our PH community. The archive is a place to review all the polls that we have conducted.

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