Assistance Programs

If you do not have adequate health insurance to cover your medical expenses, there are a number of places you can go for assistance.

We've tried to find reputable sites and programs we think can help you with those very expensive drugs. Here's the best of what we found:

Needy Meds  Locate programs for most name brand and generic drugs. Also find links to drug company websites with drug assistance program information.

ACCESS Advocating for Chronic Conditions, Entitlements and Social Services (A.C.C.E.S.S.) is dedicated to helping find solutions to many of the social and economic problems that confront families facing chronic conditions. Call your A.C.C.E.S.S. advocate can be reached toll-free at 1.888.700.7010.

Partnership for Prescription Asst.  This organization will help you find an assistance program that is right for you free of charge.  You can reach them toll free at 1 888 477 2669.

Pfizer's Patient Assistance Program  This would be a good resource for people who need help with Revatio / Viagra.

Medicare and RX Assistance

Patient Assist Program Center  According to this site, they consider themselves to be the Web’s most current and comprehensive directory of drug assistance programs.

Eli Lily Drug Assistance Program  A good resource for Flolan users.

Merck Program to Help Patients in Need

Patient Prescription Drug Assistance Programs  You will find a list of free or low-cost medications provided by pharmaceutical companies on this site.

Consumer's Reports Best Buy Drugs  Good old non-profit Consumer’s Reports will help you locate drugs at the best price.

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