Mailing List Netiquette

Listed below are some of the basics of Netiquette used on the PHCentral Fireside mailing lists. We post a different Netiquette rule on the PHFriends list every day as a reminder. Please view these as general guidelines--there are always times when an exception to the guidelines is necessary, but let's not overdo it.

The PHCentral mailing lists are moderated. People may post freely, but if a problem arises, a moderator will contact the poster privately. If problems are persistent or if mail becomes abusive toward anyone on the list, the poster will be removed by the moderators.

We want the PHCentral lists to be a safe and supportive environment for all. We hope you find them to be a source of support and information and a network of people who understand the unique challenges of living with Pulmonary Hypertension.

Dos and Don'ts of list NETIQUETTE













  1. Pay attention to Subject Headings. Mail should have a subject heading which reflects the content of the message. If the subject changes over the course of several responses, then change the subject heading to reflect the content.
  2. Edit your quotes. When replying to a message, include enough original material to be understood but no more. Since list serve mail is sent by distributing the postings from one host to another, it is possible to see a response to a message before seeing the original. Giving context helps everyone.
  3. Do not be long-winded. Messages and articles should be brief and to the point as much as possible. Don't wander off-topic, don't ramble and don't send mail or post messages solely to point out other people's errors in typing or spelling.
  4. Do not send one-liner notes: e.g. "Thanks!" "me, too." Just saying "me, too" in agreement with another posting only adds to the clutter on-line. Send e-mail and post articles that actually add something to the discussion, or else send a private note to the individual.
  5. Do not post inappropriately. When posting an article to an email list, make sure you're sending it to the right place. For example, don't send birthday messages or post cards or jokes to the PHFriends list--the PHGreetings list is the place for that. Inspirational material and lengthy discussions of spirituality belong with PHInspire. Computer question belong with PHPuters. Fantasy goes to PHLand.
  6. If you are catching up on old mail (more than a week old) send any replies directly to the individual, not to the list. The list has undoubtedly moved on from the topic, and responses to old messages cause confusion.
  7. Do not send email to the entire list if a message is directed to one person. (e.g. If you want to know where in East Nebraska someone lives, because you visit a cousin there every 5 years, send that person a private message.)
  8. Do not plagiarize. When posting information obtained from another internet source, particularly copyrighted material, it is necessary to list the URL address of the site from which it came, and also the name of the author, if available. If an article specifically states it is not for reproduction electronically, then do not reproduce any portion of it on a list.
  9. Do not flame or use profane language. Although "flaming" -- sending angry messages-- is an Internet tradition, it's best not to do it. Flame wars, in which many heated messages are exchanged, serve only to get people all riled up. This is particularly important with the PH lists, as such mail causes a great deal of stress for many people who are already challenged by the stresses of their illness. If you're tempted to write an angry message, wait a day after you finish writing it before you hit the SEND button. Wait to see if it's still appropriate after you've cooled off.

    People who persist in flaming after their second warning will be removed from the list.

  10. Do not use the list
    for advertising personal business or
    for soliciting or securing potential clients for business use, or
    to solicit money for personal use.

    This includes harvesting email addresses from the list to use for any of the above purposes.

  11. Do not type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. In the on-line world, this is considered SHOUTING! Also, it's very hard to read.
  12. Your signature should not bloat. You can attach a "signature" to e-mail messages -- a few lines of text that let others know who you are and how to get in touch with you. They may contain a funny or meaningful quote. But don't go overboard -- try to keep your signature to four or five lines or less. For the PH lists, it has been most helpful to have a signature which includes your name, and where you are located geographically
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