Benefits and Workings of CPAP Therapy

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Essentially, the CPAP machine usually keeps the airway open, preventing it from collapsing while the patient sleeps. 

Everything considered, using the CPAP machine is the best option for sleep apnea treatment. Moreover, it doesn’t involve surgery or the use of drugs.

Most people who receive the CPAP treatment often experience instant relief. Note, however, that it might take several weeks or even months to achieve complete recovery in extreme cases.

How Long Will It Take You to Feel Better Using the CPAP Machine?

Yes, how long will it take until your sleep apnea symptoms subside? Remember that each person who suffers from sleep apnea is different. Also, people are affected differently by the different severities. Moreover, those using the CPAP have different tolerance levels when using this machine. Some adapt faster; others do so slower. Hence, the results will vary.

Most of the time, the CPAP machine is known to produce quick results. Some feel better after one night of using them. Others may take 1 or 2 weeks to get used to this therapy. Everything depends on a few factors. For instance, how much was your sleep affected by sleep apnea?

Generally, the longer you use the CPAP machine, the better you’re likely to feel during the day. Further, as you continue with the treatment, you’ll likely have more energy and enjoy better focus during the day.

Will You Use the CPAP Machine All Your Life?

When asked this question, the simple answer is this: CPAP treatment remains the most effective for sleep apnea patients. Do not confuse this to mean you must use the CPAP machine all your life. 

If you suffer from sleep apnea as well as allergies, it might help to get the treatment. But if sleep apnea is only a problem during pregnancy, it might subside in time.

Think of your specific condition. Reflect on the relevant factors. Try to discuss this with your sleep doctor and identify the issues. Remember that it can be beneficial to experience weight loss.

Most people with sleep apnea usually cope well with the CPAP machine’s inconveniences. You may try to interact with the machine briefly during the day. Use it throughout the night. You’re likely to have many benefits.

For these, it’s worth enduring the inconveniences that come with CPAP usage. The benefits are improved alertness during the day, better quality sleep at night, and decreased risk for multiple health problems.

For these, you cannot take the CPAP machine away from them at any time; it’s their life.

Can Insurance Cover the CPAP Machine and Supplies?

Some insurance companies do cover the CPAP machine. Examples are United Healthcare, BlueShield, and BlueCross private insurers. They usually cover CPAP machines and their supplies. They can even arrange for regular replacement of CPAP supplies throughout the year.

But before you qualify, the insurance agency will require a prescription and a compliance period. Generally, with most insurers, the amount you pay usually depends on the deductible specifics (coinsurance or copay). In the end, you might continue paying out of pocket until you attain your deductible.

Thus, most people go for cash-pay options or discounts- but it’s still costly. Note that if you purchase your CPAP supplies without insurance, you’ll have to bear the total cost of the replacements.

It’s important to note that the insurance policy will not cover things like CPAP sanitizers, removable batteries, or backup equipment. 

Hence, your best option might be to buy such items online.

How to Obtain a CPAP machine without Undergoing a Sleep Study

Usually, you cannot just visit a store and order a CPAP machine. You typically need a sleep study. The study will provide detailed information on your sleep history and how your airways get blocked. But this can take time and money. 

So, what options are available? Well, you can opt for a home sleep test. Thus, you’ll be able to get a CPAP machine without necessarily undergoing a sleep study procedure.


Do you have a CPAP machine? Do not view this as a life sentence. Instead, seize this opportunity for a simple intervention that changes your life for the better. 

If you can achieve some reversible changes (like working for weight loss), you might even put aside the CPAP for good.

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