Privacy Policy


  • Harvest your email address from your IP address (for sale or promotion).
  • Store any personal and private information on any user without clear and obvious permision of that user.
  • Use a cookie for targeting promotion or advertising.
  • Use a cookie to track new users.
  • Sell email addresses of registered users.
  • Use email addresses of registered users for promotion or advertising.
  • Share user information with an advertiser or a partner web site.
  • Track keywords you have searched on.

PHCentral DOES:

  • Use a cookie as default server operation.
  • Occasionally use a cookie to store user preferences (with permission of the user and without storing any other personal information).
  • Use aggregated user demographic information gathered through server statistics to attract possible advertisers and partner web sites. This is necessary for PHCentral to remain a free and public service.
  • Keep track of user IP addresses in collecting User Polls with the purpose of eliminating duplicate votes. IP data is never used for any other purpose and it is not shown in aggregate poll results.

If you have any concerns, or require additional information, please email [email protected]

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