Oslo-Based Android Manufacturer 1X Secures $23.5M in Series A2 Funding: Aiming for Global Impact in Robotics Industry

1X (previously named Halodi Robotics), a manufacturer of androids based in Oslo, Norway, recently announced that it has raised an impressive $23.5 million in Series A2 funding. This funding round was led by OpenAI Startup Fund, with notable participation from Tiger Global and a consortium of Norway-based investors, including Sandwater, Alliance Ventures, and Skagerak Capital.

With the newly acquired funds, 1X aims to further accelerate its efforts in building its highly anticipated bipedal android model, NEO. Additionally, the company plans to expand its manufacturing capabilities for its first commercially available android, EVE, in both Norway and North America.

Under the leadership of Bernt Øyvind Børnich, the CEO and founder, 1X has emerged as an engineering and robotics company specializing in the production of androids that exhibit human-like movements and behaviors. These androids have shown immense potential for practical, real-world applications that can revolutionize labor across various industries globally.

Since its establishment in 2014, 1X has witnessed significant growth, currently employing a talented team of over 60 individuals worldwide. The company’s dedication to advancing the field of robotics and its commitment to innovation have positioned it as a key player in the industry, poised for even greater achievements in the future.

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Nicholas Robertsreply
November 14, 2023 at 12:15 pm

The company’s plans for the newly acquired funds include accelerating its efforts in building its bipedal android model, NEO, and expanding manufacturing capabilities for its first commercially available android, EVE.

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