BR-DGE and Polani Travel Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Payment Experience

BR-DGE, a prominent payment orchestration provider, and Polani Travel, a respected e-commerce travel company, have announced a strategic alliance that promises to revolutionize the online checkout process.

Known for its industry-leading payment platform, BR-DGE enables smooth online payment experiences. Meanwhile, Polani Travel has been offering comprehensive travel services since 1965 through its portal,, delivering flights and holiday packages primarily to UK consumers.

The partnership aims to integrate BR-DGE’s advanced payment orchestration technology into Polani Travel’s operations, enhancing the online checkout process. By broadening the array of available payment methods, Polani Travel can offer a more streamlined customer experience. This modernization is particularly timely as the company transitions to a multi-acquirer strategy, allowing it to manage traffic more effectively and leverage data insights for an optimized payment stack.

BR-DGE has earned a formidable reputation with its independent payment orchestration platform, simplifying integrations and accelerating adoption by offering access to over 300 payment and technology providers. This empowers merchants to innovate, consolidate reporting, and build resilience in the payment process.

The significance of this partnership is underscored by a recent BR-DGE study which revealed an emerging consumer trend: the demand for flexible payment solutions such as ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ (BNPL) in the travel sector. Recognising these changing trends, Polani Travel is positioning itself at the forefront of payment innovation, anticipating and satisfying the evolving preferences of travellers.

Emily Whalley, BR-DGE Senior Travel Specialist, expressed her enthusiasm about the new collaboration:

“We are excited to work alongside Polani Travel, a leading e-commerce business that has a rich heritage in providing customers the best experience possible, which will be further strengthened by the industry-leading capabilities of the BR-DGE platform.”

Suleman Ishaq, Polani Travel Marketing Analytics Director, echoed this sentiment: “Given our remarkable growth in the last few years, it is essential we remain dedicated to continually improving our customers’ booking journey. A key part of this journey is the payment experience. Partnering up with BR-DGE goes a long way towards fulfilling this commitment by providing a smooth and effortless booking experience. We are genuinely thrilled to be working together and can’t wait to get started.”

This strategic partnership between BR-DGE and Polani Travel is expected to set a new standard for online checkout experiences in the travel industry, emphasizing the importance of flexible payment solutions and customer-centric strategies.

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